Shakers Art & Interior Design Company
As a Shakers Studio: Art & Interior Design Company Ltd
We are a multidisciplinary design company with 25 years of international experience that provides varies of services such as Urban, Archtectural, Interior, Product, Furniture, Design, Restoration & Conservation planning, Renovation, Comprehensive project managment, Art sales and Artwork consultancy.
This variety of services we provide are based on the fact that “Designing is a matter of scale”. In this gradient transition between scales, our aim is to create “things” that articulate to it’s surroundings can be named as cpace, geography, nature, city, people, culture, feelings, history etc. The pre-existent surroundings provides us the essential information to design functional, simplistic, timeless, (until the solid melts), sustainable and inspiring, qualified built environment. When these elements we internalised combined with our “Universal Design” principle, forms the main source of our passion; design for everyone. Whatever we design, we design with consideration of the past, state of the present and foresight of the future…